Thad Pryor: What is Children of America?

Thad Pryor: What is Children of America?Education is an issue that has been debated since the dawn of time. Professionals have considered a large variety of philosophies, institutions have implemented a diverse list of curriculums, and leaders in the educational field have taken so many different approaches that it can be difficult to believe there are so many unique ways to learn. Thad Pryor, the founder of Children of America, wanted to create an educational establishment that would allow young children to not just learn, but to thrive.


Partners in Education

Thad Pryor is more than a businessman—he’s a knowledgeable individual that understands the concerns of parents. This being said, it is no surprise that he is well aware of the need for support from parents for his establishment to thrive. Thad Pryor has created a positive community for the students that attend Children of America and, in doing so, has earned the trust of parents across the country.

Embracing Discovery

Thad Pryor has created an educational refuge that allows students to indulge in their own forms of research and discovery. By nurturing their curiosity and surrounding them with love and learning, Thad Pryor’s establishment encourages the natural need of children to educate themselves.