Who is Thad Pryor?

Thad Pryor - Who is Thad Pryor?As Founder of Children of America, Thad Pryor built his company from the ground up. His success is both well-deserved and well-earned, and it has prompted a lot of interest from educational and business professionals alike. But who is this man that has successfully created an educational haven for children? Who has improved the lives of so many kids? Who, really, is Thad Pryor?

Thad Pryor the Athlete

Before Children of America was even thought into existence, Thad Pryor was a star in the professional sporting arena. Between 1974 and 1990 he participated in numerous competitions and championships, and was ultimately crowned the WKA Super Middle Weight World Champion and voted as the “Best of the Breed” in martial arts. Over the course of his athletic career, Thad Pryor traveled to Asia, Europe, and all throughout the United States.

Thad Pryor the Film Executive

After leaving the world of pro sports, Thad Pryor delved into founding World Films, Inc., through which he produced movies for networks like NBC, Universal, and HBO. He decided to create the business after making appearances in multiple action movies, which were prompted by his athletic abilities. After he quit competing athletically, Thad Pryor was able to move on to his other dream—production, though this was followed up by an even bigger venture.

Thad Pryor the Educator

After mastering his communication skills and business prowess through a brief bout in real estate, Thad Pryor founded Children of America in 1998. With cutting edge technology and a commitment to the cause, this establishment quickly grew from one educational center to over 100 both established and in the works.

Today, Children of America is recognized as a leading educational center—thanks to Thad Pryor. Through his work ethic and ability to follow through with his vision, Thad Pryor has created a facility that improves the lives of countless children per day.